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We firmly believe that we can effectively promote a positive change in the community through the arts. Our projects are designed to promote artistic creation in order to preserve the cultural values inherent to the Hispanic community, and at the same time to allow American people to know about Latino writers and artists in their own community.

Throughout the last three years, our projects have experienced an increasing participation from individuals in the community. The contest was first organized in 2006 by a group of volunteers and individuals interested in promoting artistic creation in the Hispanic community. Throughout the years, the contest has achieved remarkable success with over 200 Latino poets in participation.

This success would have not been possible without forming alliances and collaborations with several agencies and organizations. During the last three years, we have collaborated with the SC Arts Commission, the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties, Ritmo 1170 Radio Station, The Columbia Art Museum, Latino Newspaper, Click Magazine, Que Onda Newspaper, La Opinion Hispana Newspaper, La Tremenda Radio, La Lider Radio, The Martha Lucia’s Show, Sullivan Center, The Citadel College, Palmetto and Luna, among others. We have also established an effective and solid network to reach individuals all across the state.

Contest Criteria for the 2008 Poetry Contest

The participants must be Latino, amateur writers, and live in the state of South Carolina.
There are two categories: Adults and under sixteen.
All styles, forms and themes are acceptable.
The poems are limited to two pages.
The poems should be original and not previously published.
It can be written by hand or typed.
The poets may write poems in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
Submit every poem on a separate paper.
Please do not include your name on the poem. Your personal information should be written on a separate piece of paper.

Send a separate piece of paper with the following information:
· Name, age, address, telephone number and e-mail address
· How did you find out about the contest
First Place: $100.00
Second Place: $50.00
Third Place: $25.00

We want to express our gratitute to all those individuals who have helped us during the last three years. A special mention goes to those who dedicated extra time and effort for this contest to be a succes, including: Diana Blandon (Designer); Gloria Bynes (Community Liaison); Martha Lucia (Radio Show); Kwame Dawes (Poet); Maria Bravo and Veronica Smith (Poets) and Samantha Smith (Organizer).

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